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Fresh Lobster Shipped to Your Door

Prince Edward Island is known the world over for our unbeatable seafood; fresh, luscious lobster fished fresh from our cool, clear Atlantic waters.

We know that not everyone can make it to PEI when the urge for the finest lobster hits, so we’ve come up with the next best thing. MacKinnon’s Wharf Seafood Boxes brings PEI to you!

Prepare to wow your friends, your loved ones… and yourself… with premium fresh lobster from our fishers to any city centre in Canada.

Leaving PEI? Take some lobster with you!

Select a carry-on option and our delivery folks will meet you at the Charlottetown Airport one hour before your flight, with your order packed in an airline approved carry-on shipping box. Choice of cooked or live lobster. Order online at

News & Events

It’s Patio Season on Prince Edward Island

Warmer weather calls for patio season on Prince Edward Island. Lobster on the Wharf takes dinner with a ...
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Chef Paul Lucas’s Book Launch

Paul Lucas is the executive chef of the world-famous Lobster on the Wharf seafood restaurant on Charlottetown's picturesque waterfront. Chef Paul ...
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Lobster Roll

Our Delicious 3 Oz Lobster Roll

Prince Edward Island loves lobster rolls. Here, you can enjoy fresh, locally caught lobster with a beautiful view ...
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Experience PEI lobster while enjoying a soft breeze off the harbour